The Show:
The1st Global House Connection ever was broadcasted in Dec.'98 on the German internet radiostation CyberRadio and was intended to be a weekly 4-hour mixshow that turned into a 8-hour marathon the first time it was aired. Up to this day it is strongly believed that GHC was the longest weekly mixshow broadcasted ever. Constantin Groll and Lars Behrenroth were mixing up jazzy-, deep-, vocal- and other housestyles and topped the show off with guests like Leroy Smith (NE-Groove), Frankie Valentine, Nos (Hidden Agenda), Groove Armada, Straight Ahead DJs, Hans Nieswandt etc.

After Constantin and Lars left CyberRadio about a year and approx. 50 shows later (at this time GlobalHouseConnection was the show with the most listeners on CyberRadio) they both took a break from the radio and concentrated on club gigs as a DJ-Team. Very soon though there was a new Global House Connection show coming up.
The new GHC would also include music like hip-hop, soul, jazz and many other styles besides housemusic to create a weekly 2 hour show which is truly versatile and shows that all of these styles are connected in one way or another.

This time the show would be produced, mixed and hosted live and direct from Lars' and Constantin's livingroom in St.Pauli, Hamburg, Germany - broadcasted via www.cosmium.net.
After cosmium.net decided to quit the livestream business and moved to a 24/7 pre-recorded format (you can still catch GHC every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm CET on cosmium.net) it was necessary to find a new livestream provider and booooom .. there was poundhouse.ca .. these guys have been streaming their own shows, live-broadcasts etc. on their own built server relay network. Things were agreed on easily since the poundhouse crew was creating a website named housemusique.com
, a site that would concentrate on the broadcasting side of things.. so, now you can catch GHC at the known times every Sunday live on www.netmusique.com, streaming RealAudio, Windowsmedia and mp3 - all in low or high bandwidth

2 weeks after the first show was broadcasted live online on May 13th 2001, the first syndication of GHC started on the Bosnia & Herzegovina Radio3 in Sarajevo which sadly lost their frequencies in September 2002.
After cosmium.net quit the livestream business and moved to a 24/7 pre-recorded format, you can listen to GHC every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm CET.
We just recently started 2 new syndications - XM Satellite Radio (first syndication aired March2003 on THE MOVE) nationwide in the US and Radio LUNA (first syndication aired April2003) , based in Pescara, ITALY broadcasting in the Abruzzi region (check the times on the right)

After a few specials on www.globalhouseconnection.com like a liverecording of a GHC gig in Switzerland (incl. pictures), guestmixes by Karl Injex, the whole lovesexy / a few among others crew, John Kong, Patrick Forge, Phil Asher, Pablo Valentino, MKL, Julius Talvik, Code9, Leroy Smith, John Arnold, Stefan Rogall and Slope the future brings you live-broadcasts from the US, DJ-guests like Gerd, Gilb'R, Justin Chapman, Antal, Ben Mitchell, Russ Dewbury, DJ Cosmo
and many more.

Stay tuned, spread the word and join the community of listeners / visitors of Global House Connection from all over the world

Recent statistics have shown that the show has listeners in Hungary, Israel, US, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Cyprus, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Malaysia, Argentina, Czech Republic,Mexico, Indonesia, Greece, Costa Rica, South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, Sweden, Ireland, France, Russian Federation, Estonia, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, Luxembourg and of course Germany.

check out the press release for our 100th show here.